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Aqua Pro Drinking Water Hoses

Drinking water safe. Stops kinks at the outlet with the attached strain relief. Made with flexible, easy to coil componenets. Manufactured with FDA approved materials for safe drinking water. 5-ply construction. 250 psi burst strength, 10-year Aqua Pro warranty.

Aqua Pro Water Line:
20150 1/2" x 25' #20150-AP
20151 1/2" x 50' #20151-AP
21317 5/8" x 25' #21317-AP
21318 5/8" x 50' #21318-AP

Teknor Apex Hoses

Teknor Apex Hoses

Lead-free™ construction complaint with RoHS standards restricting lead content to less than one-tenth of 1% lead by weight in homogeneous material. Manufactured with F.D.A. sanctioned materials. Drinking Water Safe.

Aqua-Flex Hose

ThumThing® coupling for easier attachment to the faucet.
Aqua-Flex Water Line:
20125 1/2" x 25' #7503-25
20126 1/2" x 50' #7503-50

Aqua-Fresh High-Pressure Drinking Water Hose

Aqua-Fresh High-Pressure Drinking Water Hose

High-pressure, fresh water drinking hose. Easy-to-use Hose Gripper included. 1/2" hoses 160 psi. working pressure. Non-toxic. 10-yr. mfr. warranty. White.

Drinking Water Hose:
28012 4' #W01-5048
28013 10' #W01-5120

American Specialty MFG. Handi-Hose and Reel

American Specialty MFG.  Handi-Hose and Reel

Handi-Hose is a compact, lightweight, extremely durable water hose with standard garden hose couplings. Remains pliable in all weather. Built-in self-squeegee system. Safe for drinking water; rated by FDA as non-toxic. White. Replacement hose also available.

21721 25' Hose w/Reel #MRT-25
20021 50" Hose w/Reel #MRT-50
24422 25' Hose Only #MHT-25

Neverkink Self-Straightening Hose

Construction with NTS Reflex Mesh® patented technology eliminates kinks, twists, & tangles. Grip-Tite® coupling for easy, leak free attachment at the faucet.

NeverKink RV/Marine Hoses:
28043 1/2" x 25' #7602-25
28044 5/8" x 25' #8602-25
28045 5/8" x 50' #8602-50

American Specialty Utility Water Hose

American Specialty Utility Water HoseDon't drag out that long tangled hose for a small job! FDA approved hose is drinking water safe and lightweight.

25771 Utility Hose, 4' L #UT-4

Valterra High Pressure Fresh Water Lines.

Valterra High Pressure Fresh Water LinesFor underground application, for permanent or long water line hookups. May be buried below frost line to help prevent freezing. Will not corrode or rot. Tasteless, odorless, non-toxic. Safe for drinking water. Safe for permanent and semi-permanent cold water application. Bursting pressure 720 psi; working pressure 180 psi.

Ebonyline High Pressure Water Line:
20141 1/2" x 10' #W01-0010
20157 1/2" x 15' #W01-0011
20158 1/2" x 25' #W01-0012

Apex Logo Teknor Apex Stow-A-Way Hose Carry Strap

Teknor Apex Stow-A-Way Hose Carry Strap

For storing and carrying. Adjustable strap holda a variety of hose lengths. Convenient one piece, sturdy construction.

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